2013 C.T. Lowndes & Company Sertoma Football Classic

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It is with great excitement and pleasure that the Sertoma Club of Charleston is pleased to bring you the 43rd edition of the Sertoma Classic under the sponsorship of C.T. Lowndes & Company, an independent insurance agency with 8 local offices in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Walterboro, Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, Edisto, and St. George. The Classic will take place on August 22-23, 2013 at Johnson Hagood Stadium.

"As a local family owned business, we are proud and thrilled at the opportunity to be able to join the Sertoma Club of Charleston in sponsoring the 2013 Sertoma Football Classic. C. T. Lowndes & Company has been in business in Charleston for 162 years, since 1850, and has always been involved in community activities. The fact that Sertoma returns so much money back to the youth of the local community makes our sponsorship very meaningful to our agency and staff", says C.T. Lowndes & Company President Henry H. Lowndes, Jr. C. T. Lowndes & Company is owned by the 5th and 6th generations of the Lowndes family and the first and second generations of the Silcox family.

Since it was chartered in 1951, the Sertoma Club of Charleston has as its motto "kids helping kids" which expresses its focus on Service to Mankind through the betterment of the lives of local youth by promoting health, education, freedom and democracy. In the 40 years the Classic has been held, Sertoma has been able to return over $3,500,000 to local community charities and has helped high school cheerleaders purchase team uniforms, etc. The Classic has become the traditional kick-off to the local high school football season.


The playing rules for the Classic are the same as a regular football game with the following exceptions:
1. There will be no kickoffs. The ball will be placed on the 30 yard line instead of the normal kickoff. After a safety, the ball will be placed on the 50 yard line.
2. Each team is allowed one (1) 20 second time-out.
3. Each quarter will begin with a first down on the 30 yard line regardless of how the previous quarter ended concerning down and ball location. The only factor that the previous quarter will determine is who will go on offense first. If the Home Team ends their quarter on offense, the next quarter will begin with the Home Team on offense and vice versa. The first quarter on each night will be determined by the toss of a coin.
4. All punts will be live.
5. There will be no running score kept. Each quarter's score will be kept during play, and removed before the next quarter begins.

Stadium Entrances and Exits


The Sertoma entrance to the stadium is located on the West side to the right of the main ticket counters. All fans will enter through this gate.


All fans will exit from gates on the South end of the stadium. In the event of an emergency, emergency exits are located throughout the stadium.

Handicap Entrance & Exit:

Handicapped individuals can enter and exit the West side of the stadium from the West exit gate next to the Altman Center. There is a ramp to the stands located at both ends.


Please note that parking is limited and carpooling is highly encouraged. There is a $5.00 parking indentified Sertoma lots.

Fan Parking is available on first come first serve basis in the following areas:

Holiday Alumni Center Lot (Hagood Ave. & Congress St.)
Stoney Feild Lot (Hagood Ave. & Fishburne St.)
Altman Center Lot (Fishburne St. & Hagood Ave.)
MUSC Lot (Lockwood Dr.)
Joe Riley Stadium Lot (Lockwood Dr. - not Sertoma lot)
Brittlebank Park (Lockwood Dr. - not Sertoma lot)

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped Parking is available on first come/first service basis:
Altman Center Lot (Fishburne St. & Hagood Ave.) - Paved area next to Burke High School. The Handicapped entrance is at the West side of the Altman Center.

Media, Game Officials and Volunteer Parking is by pre-printed pass or press credentials only.

East Stadium Lot (President St. & Congress St.) inside fenced area.

Team Bus Parking

All team buses to park at the Stoney Field Lot. Buses must enter at the designated bus entrance on Lockwood Ave. Take Fishburne St. toward Hagood Ave. Just past Hagood intersection, parking lot entrance is on the right. Buses will be parked diagonally in grassy area just inside the lot. Buses will not be allowed to enter the Stoney Field lot from Hagood Ave. Attendants will direct buses into available spaces. Buses will be unloaded at the parking area.

Band Bus Parking

All band buses and trucks will be parked on President St. beside Burke HS. and on Fishburne St. in front of Burke HS. All band buses are to take Rutledge Ave. to Congress St. toward the stadium. Take Congress St. and take left on President St. in front of the stadium. Attendants will direct buses to available spaces. Buses are to unload after parking.

Fan Seating

Signs will indicate which side and area their school is assigned. Fans are not allowed to re-enter the stadium after they leave without purchasing a new ticket.

Practice Field and Team Entrance

Teams can warm up on the soccer field at Harmon Park. The field is located on the corner of Hagood and Fishburne, across from Burke HS.

Team must assemble and be ready to go out on the field inside the fenced area to teh East side of teh Altman Center. Please allow time to have your team move from Harmon Park to the staging area. It is important that teams are ready to enter the field as soon as the prior team exits. A Sertoma representative will be on hand to inform the coaches of their time slot.

Players in uniform will be allowed inside the stadium before and after their games without a ticket.

Band Entrance

All bands will enter the stadium from the North end of the stadium on the East side (under the scoreboard). Bands should assemble in the stands at least 30 minutes before their team is scheduled to play.

Uniformed band members and their director will be allowed into the stadium without a ticket. All band family members and supports will be required to purchase a ticket.


Food and drinks will be for sale from the permanent concession stands on the East side and on the West side.

Individuals are not allowed to bring food or drinks into the stadium.

No alcoholic beverages will be served.

No coolers.

Sponsor Participation

Sponsoring companies include: C.T. Lowndes

Businesses and organizations that have sponsored this year's Classic will have displays and personnel located on the West side entrance area.

Some sponsors will move throughout the stadium handing out coupons and other items during the games.

Media Broadcast

Listen to the games live on:

The Sertoma Football Classic highlight show will air on WCSC Channel 5.
Delayed broadcast - Red Zone Comcast Channel 2

Stadium Lighting

Emergency Lighting will be used if there is a power failure during the event. It will be located at all the major exits.


The Citadel skyboxes and press level are off limits, except to those with authorized credenitals.

If anyone sees an unsafe situation, please report it to the police or other security personnel immediately.

An EMS ambulance will be parked next to the field under the flag pole on the scoreboard end of the Stadium.

No illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the stadium or on the grounds.

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